The Boiler Upgrade Scheme is Hot! 89% of Vouchers Used.

May 14, 2024

According to newly released data from Ofgem, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme is hot! The data discusses the amount of money spent on the scheme and its overall performance.

The scheme, abbreviated to BUS, allows homes and non-domestic premises across England and Wales to upgrade their old boilers to cleaner, greener heating methods.

In the scheme, applicants can receive grants of £7,500 to aid in replacing heating systems that release harmful emissions. They are replaced with renewable energy systems like heat pumps.

Ofgem’s Data

Over £50,000,000 was spent in the first year of the scheme being rolled out which was then succeeded in the next year with an expense of over £88,700,000.

Ofgem’s data also suggests that 40,259 voucher applications were received, and over 28,000 were issued, equalling a total cost of £170,186,500.

Table Data Courtesy of Ofgem.

*Figure does not include any vouchers that have been issued but have expired or revoked.

**This figure does not include any vouchers that have been revoked, rejected, or withdrawn.

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As well as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, you could be eligible for government backed schemes like the Great British Insulation Scheme and the ECO4 Scheme.

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