30% of the Planet’s Electricity is Thanks to Renewable Energy

May 9, 2024

A quick rise in wind and solar power has created more than 30% of the planet’s electricity for the very first time. The surge took place in 2023 and it is looking hopeful that the world could be on the cusp of reducing fossil fuel generation.

The Renewables Future has Arrived

In the past 10 years, clean energy has combatted the growth of fossil fuels, slowing them down by almost two-thirds! This comes as Ember, a global energy think tank, found that renewables have shot up from 19% of electricity in the year 2000 (a whole 24 years ago!) to more than 30% last year.

Speaking for Ember, Dave Jones who is the director of Ember’s global insights, has said “The renewables future has arrived. Solar, in particular, is accelerating faster than anyone thought possible.”

Solar the King

Solar was the king of electricity growth in 2023, adding more than double to the new electricity generation as coal. It was also the fastest-increasing source of electricity for 19 years on the run and the biggest source of new electricity for the second consecutive year.


First Comprehensive Review of Global Electricity

The first review of the world’s electricity data spans over 80 countries, which is representative of 92% of the world’s electricity demand. 

This rapid increase in cleaner electricity is expected to power a decrease of 2% in the global fossil fuel generation in 2024.

Ember has claimed 2023 was likely a ‘pivot point’ which is a significant turning point in the history of energy. However, the pace of fossil fuel reduction depends on the tempo that the renewable revolution continues.

Though we have seen fossil fuels depleted by green electricity, they are still a huge part of the everyday world. Transport, heavy industry and heating all still rely on these harmful emissions.

Just last year, the Energy Institute found that the huge figure of 82% was the world’s use of oil, gas, and coal. This shows us that there is still much to be done and that on a smaller level, we can do what we can to help.

Become Part of the Revolution

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30% of the planet’s electricity is completely thanks to renewable energy and this can only continue to grow. This is the start of a new future, and we can all be a part of it.