A red brick terraced house resides on a typical road in Wales. In fact, it’s only 20 yards over the Chester / Wales border, where the rain hesitates to drop any faster from the misty sky above onto the damp surfaces below. One surface is black, modern, and sleek, compared to the traditional hand-built home it is attached to. Of course, this surface is a solar panel system, installed professionally onto the home’s slate roof.

This is the cosy, almost life-long home of Annmaria who lives with her son Tony. The family have recently proclaimed that their lives have been changed by the installation of renewable energy improvements in their home thanks to the Free Heating Scheme and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4).

A successful application through the Free Heating Scheme for ECO4 saw them receive a brand-new air source heat pump, solar panels, and new property insulation, changing their traditionally heated home into a haven of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Installation: A Life Changed

Life before renewable energy looked quite different for Annmaria and Tony. Before, they heated their home by burning coal and wood on a fire. This brought a whole set of problems that were hard to avoid because the only other option they had was to suffer in a cold property.

Dealing with things like not being able to use the fire in windy conditions and their house being covered by dust from the burnt coal was an everyday monotonous normalcy. Though these seem like trivial problems, it’s changes to everyday life that have left a huge impact on the family; ‘We don’t have to source the wood anymore’ says Tony talking as if a weight has lifted off his shoulders. On one occasion, this weekly task saw them having to source quality wood from Blackpool. Therefore travelling back and forth to pick it up was a necessity, sometimes even in the harshest of weather conditions.

ECO4 Installation: What was Received?

Annmaria spotted the advert for the Free Heating Scheme when browsing Facebook and quickly clicked, knowing that the time to change was now. From applying, she claims that a call back only took a day, and within a week a surveyor was on her property making the necessary decisions for her new upgrades. Finally, a second surveyor confirmed the locations of each new installation.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are devices that have been subject to several myths that seem to dampen the impact of the good they do.

Annmaria and Tony could not praise theirs enough!

Low noise emission and instant heat at the touch of a button are just some of the highlights of a glowing reaction to their new way of heating the home. ‘I don’t hear it in the kitchen when I’m in there’ says Annmaria whose heat pump unit was installed right outside. She even compared them to being quieter than the aeroplanes that fly overhead.

Regarding her mental and physical health, she says that it has all improved thanks to one little button, ‘You get up in the morning for a shower and don’t have to light the fire, you can just get on with something else.’

Annmaria and Tony’s newly installed Heat Pump.

Solar Panels

Solar panels were the initial spark that inspired the family to apply for ECO4 after researching how they work.

They received solar panels as part of the scheme and found the installation process to be easy and non-intrusive. As well as this, they claim that ‘they are not using anything’ when it comes to operating everyday electrical appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers, claiming the electric meter doesn’t even have a reading on a sunny day.

‘Modern and sleek’ – Solar panel system installed on the family’s home.

Property Insulation

The home was completely installed with insulation in a total of two weeks! Annmaria was delighted with the result and work that was carried out;

“The contractors themselves. They were brilliant, absolutely brilliant. The two lads that did the internal wall insulation. They were with us for two weeks. They stayed at an Air B&B in Chester. And from 9 in the morning until half 5 at night.”

Money Savings

Annmaria and Tony were spending around £4,500 a year on heating their home, this included buying coal and logs, as well as paying their electricity bill. These kinds of prices are being paid all over the country, with many families struggling to pay.

Now, without the need for coal and wood logs to burn, the family are finally making drastic savings on their energy bills thanks to their heat pump. Their solar panels have almost stopped the need to pay for electricity from the grid, ‘When we have sunny days, like one last week. Between 9 in the morning and half past 3, our smart meter reads nothing’ Annmaria enthusiastically exclaimed and went on to state she anticipates the summer with open arms.

How an ECO4 Installation Can Help You?

It is safe to state that Annmaria and Tony are completely ecstatic with their new energy upgrades. It has completely changed their lives, impacting their financial and mental health for the better. With ECO4 and Free Heating Scheme someone else’s reality could soon become yours.

What is ECO4?

ECO4 is here to help you. Backed by the government and funded by the biggest energy companies, ECO4 aims to improve the energy efficiency of homes nationwide with a low EPC (energy efficiency rating). If eligible, you could also receive a heat pump, solar panels, and insulation all for free!

You can apply for an ECO4 installation through Free Heating Scheme. Following a successful eligibility check you will be contacted by one of our customer service advisors who can guide you through the process.

Apply for ECO4 today and change your life – it could be your story we’re telling next!

“It’s lovely. It is really lovely. It’s a pleasure.”

Annmaria – Wales