Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Need a Change or Homes Could Face Impossible Costs of Up to £26,000

Jun 20, 2024

An EPC is a property’s Energy Performance Certificate which measures energy efficiency. They provide ratings from A, the most efficient to the least efficient rating of G.

They are important for a home’s energy efficiency; therefore, they assess aspects like insulation, heating systems, and windows. Any upgrades can be identified and employed from here to create better efficiency.

EPCs are a legal requirement.

What are the Problems with EPCs?

Problems can arise with some claiming that EPCs can be inaccurate and easily improvised.

A study carried out by Which? The UK’s biggest consumer champion has found that homes are having recommended improvements to their homes, with some costing up to £26,000. This would save a household over £900 a year but the cost offset wouldn’t be seen for another 29 years.

Director of Policy and Advocacy at Which? Rocio Concha said:

“With millions of families worried about high energy bills and the UK facing a big challenge to transition to low carbon heating, Energy Performance Certificates could be a helpful tool for consumers looking to save money and improve their homes efficiency in the future.

However, our research shows they are in desperate need of reform – with current certificates often inaccurate and only suggesting costly improvements with long payback periods.”

Rocio Concha, Which?

Immediately these prices come as a huge financial blow, and many people across the country cannot afford these upgrades. However, these large price tags don’t have to be a major roadblock and providing the assessment is accurate there are ways to pay for the required work.

What are the Government Schemes for Home Upgrades?

The good news is that you might not have to pay a large sum of money to adhere to the guidance of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) recommendations. There are many government-backed grants out there that can help to reduce or even completely obliterate the costs of these upgrades.  

These upgrades will not only greatly improve the efficiency of your home but will save you money in the long run.

Grants include:

  • The Energy Company Obligation otherwise known as ECO4
  • The Boiler Upgrade Scheme
  • The Great British Insulation Scheme

How Can Free Heating Scheme Help You With Government Home Energy Upgrades?

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