Autism and Uncertainty: How Renewable Energy Benefits Families

Apr 2, 2024

Thanks to the current financial crisis embedded in every aspect of our lives, many people across the UK living with long-term health conditions, are suffering. Wages and benefits are not rising at the same level and the cost of care has also increased.

Energy is the same, the costs have risen and people cannot pay. This level of uncertainty can cause major anxieties for people living with autism.  But it doesn’t have to be this way, people have the right to live comfortably without having to worry about a bill impacting their everyday lives.

For many people living with autism, uncertainty is a daily occurrence no matter the origin of the anxiety. Although it is difficult to alleviate these worries, renewable energy is something that can set minds at ease when it comes to an energy bill falling through the letterbox.

Autism and Uncertainty

Throughout our lives there are a number of changes that occur all of the time. Some changes are exciting but others can be very frightening and this can’t be avoided. Expensive energy bills adding to this can only make things worse.

According to the NHS Trust Leicestershire; “Difficulties with change and uncertainty are not specific to autism, but research suggests that many autistic people find uncertain situations particularly difficult, and very likely to cause anxiety.”

How can you Deal with Change?

Small changes may be great mechanisms for dealing with change;

  • If possible, note the date when the energy bill payment is due on the calendar, here it is visible and can give time to process when the change is taking place.
  • A parent or caregiver can be asked to verbally describe the energy bill, using easy-to-understand language and allowing time for the information to be processed.

Visual Aids

It may be beneficial for energy bills to be broken down visually rather than trying to understand a daunting black-and-white letter with large numbers printed all over it.

  • Videos breaking down how energy bills work are a great visual method of understanding energy bills.
  • Colourful posters, explaining the most important parts of the bill work as a great visual aid helping to understand it.
  • A visual timeline of events starting from receiving the bill, paying it, and then what life will be like afterwards is a good way of describing that things will remain the same. An example of what could be like is below:
A simple timeline like the one above is a great way of explaining how things will be ok!

How Can Renewable Energy Ease Uncertainty?

The main priority of renewable energy will be the overall decrease in energy bills. Free Heating Scheme can help you gain access to these renewable methods through various government schemes.

ECO4: The Energy Company Obligation 4 can see you gain renewable energy upgrades to your home for free, all depending on eligibility. You could receive a new heating source known as an air source heat pump, solar panels, and insulation.

BUS: The Boiler Upgrade Scheme will replace your old fossil fuel boiler with a new greener air or ground source heat pump.

GBIS: The Great British Insulation Scheme will upgrade the insulation in your home, trapping in the heat without it going to waste and saving you money.

Do You Want to Know More?

Listed below are some helpful websites, including Free Heating Scheme where you can check your eligibility for all of the available government grants.