Are Heat Pumps Any Good? The Pros & Cons

Mar 26, 2024

Like most things that are new, people seem to be naturally cautious, and the same goes for heat pumps. Understandably, there is a lot of information surrounding them that is not as widely known compared to some other traditional heating methods.

As for traditional methods, 2025, which is only next year, will see the start of gas boilers being banned under The Clean Air Strategy of 2019. Under this legislation, gas boilers will be phased out and any new homes built after 2025 will require an alternative heating source; this is where heat pumps come in.

Here, an insight into heat pumps as well as the advantages and disadvantages, will be delivered to ensure a full understanding of this technology that most people will soon have in their properties.

Are Heat Pumps Really Worth It?

So, are heat pumps any good? Heat pumps are without a doubt more sustainable than gas boilers; they don’t burn any fossil fuels and they are powered by electricity.

In terms of finances, their worth comes down to accompanying renewable energy methods present in the property.

Greener energy methods like solar panels and insulation work in tandem with heat pumps to deliver renewable heat to a home, cutting energy bills and carbon emissions.

What are the Benefits of Heat Pumps?

They come with a range of benefits that ultimately will make your home a cosier place to live.

Take Back Control

No longer using gas to generate heat and if used in conjunction with solar panels and insulation, you will cut your energy bills significantly in the long run.

Say Goodbye to Harmful Emissions

Heat pumps are the perfect energy-efficiency replacement for traditional gas boilers. Using electricity, they generate heat from the thermal energy in the outside air.

The Government Want to Help

There are Government-backed grants available to help with receiving renewable energy upgrades like heat pumps. ECO4 and the Boiler Upgrade Scheme could give you the financial help you need to get a new boiler. 

Thinking of the Future

As regulations on traditional heat systems change, it is a good idea to consider how heat pumps will impact this for you as well as raising the property value.

What is the Downside to A Heat Pump in the UK?

Though the advantages of owning a heat pump outweigh the disadvantages, there are still some small factors to consider for heat pumps.

More Electricity? No problem. 

A little more electricity is required to generate heat for your home but this is because you will not be using any fossil fuels to heat a traditional gas boiler.

Say Hello to New Radiators

New radiators are required to support the heat pump system therefore your old ones will need replacing. This is due to the heat pump needing a larger heat emitter surface which new radiators will have.


Eventually, all newly built homes will feature heat pumps and homes with old boilers will gradually have to replace them.

They put many off due to their newness and the myths and rumours that naturally accompany anything that hasn’t been around before.

With a heat pump, it is a guarantee that you will be taking back control of your energy bills and through government help, obtaining one is the easiest it has ever been.

Yes, they may use a bit more electricity that your boiler would but you won’t be the cause of terrible emissions that contribute to your carbon footprint.

They are undeniably the future of heating our homes and gradually, it is more than likely that we will all have one.